Montreal Mirror Reviews HOLD TRUE (ACCROCHE-TOI!)

The Vertical Squirrels first album with Ambiances Magnétqiues, HOLD TRUE (ACCROCHE-TOI!) received the following review from Montreal Mirror critic Lawrence Joseph. Joseph also picked the album as one of his top ten albums of 2010.




Hold True (Accroche-toi)


(Ambiances Magnétiques)


The Squirrels gnaw out a unique brand of in-the-moment improvisation on this debut CD. Based in Guelph, ON, these multi-instrumentalists’ wide tonal palette is held together by trance-like, chim­ing percussion from Rob Wallace. "Ah/Ha!” could be a long-lost late-’60s Can track, while "Leaps of Faith” reveals a Fripp influence from guitarist Daniel Fischlin and "Amnesiaville” exhibits the free-jazz tendencies of pianist Ajay Heble. Despite these recognizable roots, Hold True is an unclassifiable blast of fresh air. 9/10 Trial Track: "Nomads, Sparrows & Machines” (Lawrence Joseph)