Vertical Squirrels launch their new website!

Well here we are (at last) with a newly designed website that gives you access to some useful information about the Vertical Squirrels, a press kit, contact info., gigging news, and multimedia materials, including free downloads and online access to downloadable versions of our two albums.

Watch this space for news about events and gigs.

Many thanks to Gord Auld for his programming and design acumen!

Here’s a little bit about the Vertical Squirrels:

Long-time collaborators in and outside the academy (in projects musical and non- musical), Daniel Fischlin, Ajay Heble, and Lewis Melville started officially playing together as a group upon the arrival in Guelph of drummer/percussionist Rob Wallace, in 2008. Starting partially as an informal outlet to get Heble back into playing piano after years of curating the Guelph Jazz Festival (but rarely performing himself), the Squirrels quickly morphed into a recording and gigging band focused on their distinctive brand of in-the-moment improvisation.

Since forming they’ve added drummer extraordinaire Ted Warren to the mix and have also played with Korean percussionist Kim Dong-Won (of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble) and Juno-award winning Canadian saxophonist and bandleader Jane Bunnett.

Collectively, they bring together years of diverse individual musical experiences, a sense of humor and friendship to their playing, and a deep commitment to multiple forms of sonic expression and freedom.

 Guelph Jazz Festival