Vertical Squirrels Reviewed in Tokafi (Germany)

The Vertical Squirrels’ first album Hold True was recently (Sept. 5 2011) reviewed by Tobias Fischer, the editor-in-chief of Tokafi, a Germany-based portal to global new music, which Barry Schrader calls "One of the leading sources for new music.”
Fischer, who is also the cultural editor for Germany’s biggest recording printmag, "Beat,” had this to say about the album:


"These four new releases from Ambiances Magnetiques … introduce works from relatively new as well as well-known musicians. The CDs of [the] Vertical Squirrels and Irem Bekter satisfied me most. But not only because their names are new to me. Vertical Squirrels is a quartet consisting of Ajay Heble (piano, melodica, percussion), Daniel Fischlin (guitars, effects, percussion, flute, provencale), Lewis Melville (bass, baritone, banjo bass, percussion, radio frequencies, grand organ) and Rob Wallace (drums, percussion, vocals). They are on the road since 2008. All four gathered lots of experience in all corners. Combined in this line up this proves to be a fruitful combination. Very diverse, and fresh music is the result. All pieces originate from collective improvisations but are very diverse, with a fine sense of humor. The CD opens with a grooving piece ‘Spunk in your Funk’ which is great fun. In contrast the next piece is a very open improvisation abstracting from beat, rhythm, etc. Also the pieces that follow are free exercises of … rock-based improvisations. ‘Danse des Araignées Mécaniques’ opens with a fine solo by Heble on what seems a self-prepared piano. ’La Mnémologie/Amnesiaville is a delicious free rock jam.”


The Tokafi mission statement states: "Music is a form of human expression, and as such it can elevate your mind and broaden your horizon – if you only rid yourself of expectations and the constant urge to qualify as ‘bad’ all the sounds that merely don’t appeal to you. Come with us on a journey and discover your music.”

We could not agree more.