Quotes and Reviews

"Highly creative and sometimes noisy, this excellent quartet from Canada brings humor, mystery, vision and restless energy to a widely varied set. Lots of krautrock influence here (check out #3), some Zappa, a little Fripp, just a hint of world music. The use of piano in an otherwise electric group adds a nice touch. Very fine stuff." Fo’s Picks: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 ––Review of Hold True (Accroche-toi) by KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM (California)

"These are not squirrels, but birds and well away from the roost. Like those flocks you see in the fall sometimes.  A thousand like a one ... a four like a one. Affirming.  Patterns appear fully formed, drawn out of and across thin air." ––Scott Merritt (Canadian recording artist and producer)

"The Vertical Squirrels are exemplary musicians. Messers Melville, Heble, Fischlin, Wallace, and Warren are astute listeners and witty commentators whose love of the communal joys of improvisation shouts out from each of their recordings. The Vertical Squirrels are able to draw upon a deep well of instrumental prowess which has been honed and brought to a high water mark over years of collaboration with improvising luminaries from around the globe such as Jah Youssouf, Jean Derome and Joanne Hétu amongst a myriad of others. I urge you to darken their doorway, as it were, and to take the time to celebrate this fine band of gentlemen." ––Dave Clark  (The Woodchopper’s Association;; Toronto, Canada).

"I am truly honoured to say this about the 'great' Vertical Squirrels: I am so happy about the beautiful, musical moment we shared." ––Kim Dong-Won (Korean master percussionist and member of Yo-yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble)

"The Squirrels gnaw out a unique brand of in-the-moment improvisation on this debut CD. Based in Guelph, ON, these multi-instrumentalists’ wide tonal palette is held together by trance-like, chiming percussion from Rob Wallace. "¡Ah/Ha!” could be a long-lost late-’60s Can track, while "Leaps of Faith” reveals a Fripp influence from guitarist Daniel Fischlin and "Amnesiaville” exhibits the free-jazz tendencies of pianist Ajay Heble. Despite these recognizable roots, Hold True is an unclassifiable blast of fresh air." ––Lawrence Joseph (2011 Montreal Mirror music critic Lawrence Joseph picked Hold True as one of the top ten albums released in 2010)

"Wow!!!! What a spontaneous, powerful and yet delicate way to craft the sound of existence. Wow again! About both CDs … These urban views and transits causing labyrinthine tricks in my mind and to my senses. I loved it. Hold True. The Tribe is calling her members. But the experience is bizarre. The Call comes from the interior of oneself … How did you do that? Winter's Gate. The Chaser is chased. A chase that is melodic, extravagant, smooth or rough, and somehow romantic and sensual.
The Vertical Squirrels go vertical right to the Subconscious. It’s a delicious journey. Thanks on and on." ––Luis Artagnan (performance artist, Mexico City)